Food Pantryof Reverence
Reverence Bible Church
22081 Hidalgo
Mission Viejo, CA
Office: 949-21-JESUS
Welcome to RBC

Reverence Food Pantry

It is our desire to help those who have need. Sometimes that need is for food and so we have a Food Pantry at Reverence for anyone who has need in this way.
This Food Pantry is supported by the donations from our church body and needs to be replenished regularly. Please help support the food pantry by bringing your donations to church on Sunday mornings and dropping them into the Red donation bin just outside the sanctuary doors.

Here is a list of the items needed regularly. Remember: No glass containers and no perishable items - frozen or refreigerated. Click Here for a PRINTABLE VERSION

Baby Food                           Fruit Meat, Vegetable, Desert, Cereal

Baking Goods                     Sugar Flour, Olive Oil, Seasonings

Beverages                            Juice Boxes, Coffee, Canned Juices, Dry Milk, Tea

Breakfast Items                  Dry Cereal Boxed and/or Packet, Oatmeal, Nutrition Bars,

Pancake Mix, Syrup

Dry Goods                            Nuts, Soup Mix

Sandwich Spreads              Jam/Jelly

Beans (Canned)                   Baked, Black, Black-eyed peas, Chili, Garbanzo, Kidney,

Pork and Beans, Refried, White

Condiments                          Gravy (Canned), Gravy (Packet), Ketchup, Mayonnaise,

                                                Mustard, Relish, Salad Dressings, Sauces

Fruit (Canned)                    Applesauce, Apricots, Cranberries, Fruit Cocktail, Oranges,

Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Pumpkin

Grains                                   Beans (Dry), Mac & Cheese, Macaroni, Pasta (Mixes),

Pasta (Plain), Potatoes (Dry), Rice (Mixes), Rice (Plain),


Proteins (Canned)              Beef Stew, Ham, Hash, Lasagna, Pork, Pot Pie, Ravioli,

Salmon, Sloppy Joes, Spaghetti, Spam, Stew, Turkey,

Vienna Sausage

Snack Items                         Cookies, Crackers, Fruit Snacks, Granola Bars, Popcorn,


Soups (Canned)                   Black Bean, Broth, Chowders…, Cream of …, Cup of Soup,

Lentil, Tomato, Top Ramen (Packets)

Tomato Products               Diced or Stewed, Marinara Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce,

Tomato Paste, Tomato Sauce

Vegetables (Canned)          Beets, Carrots, Corn, Green Beans, Mixed Vegetables, Peas,

Potatoes, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes/Yams



Packing Hope

Packing Hope is an opportunity to provide for someone in an immediate need. We pack backpacks with some essential items including a pillow, blanket, some toiletries, and sometimes clothes. We also include a bible and pray with them giving information about how to find a local bible study inclusive of our service times. Our desire is to not drop and go, but rather to try and create a follow-up opportunity and to minister to people with the gospel of Christ - the greatest need of all of us.

Laguna Beach Homeless Outreach

We are working with other local churches that have homeless ministries and have arranged to take part in an ongoing ministry to the homeless of Laguna Beach. On month's that have a 5th Saturday we have committed to provide the food and sharing of the gospel on those days.

Please join us as we prepare food and a message of hope - The Gospel - for those in need. It is a fun day of serving together as a church body and blessing those in need within our local community.

homeless ministries