Reverence Childrens Ministry

Children's Ministry

It is our desire and goal to educate each child about the character and purposes of God.  From Nursery through 6th grade we will teach the children, through the expository teaching of Scripture, the glory and majesty of our Maker, the joy of fellowship with Him, and the plan of salvation that He has accomplished.  To this end we use a curriculum that not only teaches them the history in the Bible, but also walks them through the doctrines set forth in the Bible. (complete Ministry Statement below)

Sunday School

Each Sunday morning at Reverence, during our normal worship service, we offer Sunday School for children ages infant to sixth grade. The groups are divided as follows:

  • Nursery (infant to 18mo)
  • Toddler (19mo - 2yrs)
  • PreSchool (3-4yrs)
  • PreK-K (Kindergarten Eligible: 5yrs Old by Sept.)
  • 1st - 2nd grades
  • 3rd-4th grades
  • 5th - 6th grades

Ministry Statement

Rather than indoctrinating children we seek to teach them what the Bible says concerning the deep issues that affect our daily lives as well as our eternal future.  By giving them the reasons as well as the resulting doctrine they will grow up knowing “WHY” they believe, rather than simply conforming to the unbiblical beliefs of the world.  In accomplishing this we will raise up a generation that will be equipped to “give an answer to every man for the hope that lives within them.”

All of our teachers are professing Christians, living according to biblical standards of conduct.  Each of them has filled out an application, which was then reviewed by the board.  We are so thankful to see the willingness in our body to fulfill the needs of the children’s ministry.  From those who arrive very early to set-up each classroom, to the many teachers and helpers that serve during the service, each volunteer is an incredible blessing.
We are using Great Commissions Curriculum throughout the entire children's ministry at this time.

Another way we seek to equip our students is through our memory program.  It is our conviction that by hiding God’s Word in their hearts they will be better prepared in their walk with God. To encourage them to truly memorize each passage we usually spend a month learning each verse.  At the end of the year they are given an opportunity to recite all 12 verses learned that year. As they learn these verses we discuss their meaning, so the student comes away not only having learned the words of the verse, but also their meaning.